Karen’s long time friend and Architect who have been most instrumental in bringing this project to fruition.

Dino Gicana Tadiar is an emerging Los Angeles based architect practicing for 4 years. Dino collaborates with building developers, engineers, graphic designers and creatives to create a comprehensive experience for the projects. Dino works with communities and business owners to facilitate contextual design. Currently he is working on the revitalization of East 1st in Boyle Heights with business owners.

His style and aesthetics for design respects the honest integrity of materials and programmatically focuses on integrating public spaces into design. People see his projects as more comfortable than modern.

To date Dino has over 40 building renovations and new construction projects and is a member of the coveted American Institute of Architects. He also consults with building owners to guide them in sustainable building practices and operations.
Recently he ventured into designing origami type furniture for a local cardboard company. Dino also published a children’s book “Love like a Fruite Tree” and has founded an upcycle company called “Broomstache.” Currently he is working on an online interface called “BuildXChange” that focuses on procuring building materials and services for people.