Karen is in good spirits and is filled with optimism as she continues to strive to become fully independent. We are all inspired by her strength, dedication, and perseverance–please keep Karen in your prayers.
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Help Karen regain her independence and show support during her fight against meningitis through Karen's activities and outreach.
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About Caring for Karen

Insurance or not, if you want freedom and mobility you have to pay for it. It is a very frightening and uneasy feeling to doubt...

Donate and Support

Help Karen reach her goals of replacing her stolen prosthetics, modifying her home, and purchasing transportation with accessible equipment to regain her independence...

Karen in Pictures

Karen is a registered nurse turned meningitis survivor. Here are a few of her pictures showing her journey.

Karens Story


To help offset such expenses, this website has been created in Karen’s honor to help regain her independence.

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The Timeline

Apr 2009

Karen graduates from nursing school.

Dec 2011

Karen gets diagnosed with bacterial meningitis and is hospitalized for 5 months.

May 2012

Karen comes home from the hospital.

Jan 2013

Karen starts her rehab training.

Oct 3013

Karen completes a total of 7 months in a physical rehab.

Nov 2013

Karen’s prosthetics get stolen.

Aug 2014

Karen becomes first quadrilateral amputee to walk down the runway during New York Fashion Week.

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The Television Show

CARING FOR KAREN is a projected 6 episode reality/docudrama chronicling the dramatic sequence by which this brave woman sets out to regain her independence from the minute by minute caretaking she has depended upon from her mother.









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Team Caring for Karen

  • Karen Crespo
    After years of hard work in nursing school, Karen Crespo was finally reaping the rewards...
  • David Keeton
    When it comes to opening up your home, your most precious investment, to workers whom...
  • Dino Tadiar
    Karen’s long time friend and Architect who have been most instrumental in bringing this project to...
  • Universal Design
    Universal Design is the design of products and environment to be usable by all people,...